Book Two: The Cavalier Spy

The new nation and the cause for freedom are in once again in grave danger!

In the fall of  1776, General George Washington is driven from post after post as the ever ponderous British General Howe moves his overwhelming forces to secure New York and destroy the Continental Army. Forced out of New York, his dwindling and under equipped forces are now just trying to survive. A sense of complete defeat begins to permeate the colonies as even once stalwart patriots realize the end of the "glorious cause" is near. Washington has not given up hope though, and that is all that counts. He knows that in many ways the Army is the nation and as long as he can keep a cohesive force willing to fight, there is hope.

Washington evades the most capable and aggressive British General - Lord Cornwallis, whose elite force now chases him through the Jerseys. But Washington decides to strike back in little ways.  He knows that winter is approaching, a winter that could lead to a respite or defeat. Stretch the British supply line and watch them closely is his plan.  And when the time is right, the conditions right, catch them unaware.  To enable this, he calls on skill and courage of one man: Lieutenant Jeremiah Creed .

Washington's strategy of live to fight another has many in the officer corps, the Congress and across the country, questioning his leadership. But his men do not.  Those few who remain with the colors and the cause are the ones who make a difference. And British actions help rally the people of Jersey and the militias. As the dark of winter descends on the continent, Washington makes his move, a brilliant gambit led by:  The Cavalier Spy!

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