Book One: The Patriot Spy

When a Loyalist spy’s treachery sends the Continental Army into panic and near destruction, General George Washington faces a crisis in command. During the desperate battle that follows, an obscure lieutenant named Jeremiah Creed leads survivors from the Maryland Continental Line Regiment to safety behind the defenses of Brooklyn. 

Impressed with Creed’s audacity and courage, Washington taps him to lead a handpicked team of men. Their mission: espionage. So begins an unlikely partnership among Washington, his intelligence advisor Colonel Robert Fitzgerald, and Creed, who now finds himself enmeshed in a shadow war against the skillful and experienced dragoon officer Major Sandy Drummond, the newly appointed chief of British intelligence.

Creed’s leadership, resourcefulness and heroism, combine with help from Emily Stanley, the beautiful daughter of a Loyalist doctor, in a desperate struggle for the vital intelligence needed for Washington’s army, and the new nation, to survive. Can The Patriot Spy succeed?